ArmorGel 3150

ArmorGel 3150

Premium Food-Grade Pipe Coating Gel

ArmorGel 3150


ArmorGel 3150 is a non-drying compound specially engineered to withstand the most extreme environments your pipes, valves, and fittings will encounter. Designed to save you labor costs and money without compromising on quality, it is easy to apply and inspect.

ArmorGel 3150 is expertly designed to:

  • Enhanced rust and corrosion armor – creating a protective shield that helps prevent moisture and gases from reacting with metal components

  • Easy application - Armorgel easily adheres to metal surfaces. It has been designed to not peel away, allowing for application even in extreme cold conditions.

  • Food-Grade formulation - Meets H1 requirements for use in food processing facilities

  • Wide temperature range - Pliable when applied to pipe as low as -75°F (-60°C).

  • High visibility gel

Typical Properties:

  • Appearance - Green gel

  • Food-Grade - Meets H1 requirements

  • Compatibility - Compatible with most types of insulation

  • Safety - Please read SDS prior to handling

  • Odor - None


  • Refrigerant piping

  • Steam lines

  • Valves, fittings and flanges

  • Pressure vessels and tanks

  • Other moisture-prone areas

ArmorGel Installation Instructions

  1. Surface preparation — Ensure that the surface is free of heavy rust and scale and that it is clean and dry.

  2. Application — The product can be applied by protective glove, brush or roller.

  3. Even distribution — Apply the product liberally and evenly around the pipe’s metallic surface. Refer to the recommendations of insulation manufacturers for exact product thickness, taking into consideration the common environmental conditions to which the pipe may be exposed.

  4. Disposal — Used applicators and leftover product should be disposed of in the same manner as used oil or grease.