ArmorGel 3146

ArmorGel 3146

Food-Grade Pipe Coating Gel

ArmorGel 3146

Pipe Coating with outstanding protective capabilities

Formulated to help control and protect against corrosion/rust on metallic components, this non-drying compound is specially engineered to withstand the most extreme environments.

ArmorGel 3146 is:

  • Easy to apply and inspect

  • A food-grade formulation — meets H2 requirements

  • Dyed yellow for easy detection

ArmorGel 3146 is expertly designed to::

  • Bond with metal surfaces, creating an enhanced layer of protection — a protective shield that helps prevent moisture and gases from reacting with metal components

  • Boost prevention of condensation buildup on metal surfaces

  • Help control and prevent rust, corrosion and oxidation on metal surfaces

  • Remains pliable in below-freezing temperatures as low as -60°F (-51°C)

Typical Properties:

  • Appearance - Yellow gel

  • Food-Grade - Meets H2 requirements

  • Compatibility - Compatible with most types of insulation

  • Safety - Please read SDS prior to handling


  • Refrigerant piping

  • Steam lines

  • Valves, fittings and flanges

  • Pressure vessels and tanks

  • Other moisture-prone areas

ArmorGel Installation Instructions

  1. Surface preparation — Ensure that the surface is free of heavy rust and scale and that it is clean and dry.

  2. Application — The product can be applied by protective glove, brush or roller.

  3. Even distribution — Apply the product liberally and evenly around the pipe’s metallic surface. Refer to the recommendations of insulation manufacturers for exact product thickness, taking into consideration the common environmental conditions to which the pipe may be exposed.

  4. Disposal — Used applicators and leftover product should be disposed of in the same manner as used oil or grease.

ArmorGel 3146 was formerly named NXT 3146